Dream - Plan - Realize

Your dream of taking that cruise of the Caribbean, that long awaited drive through the Midwest, or seeing the shores of Alaska can become a reality. Ulmer's Place is your gateway to travel - the world awaits

For the individual or family member, let us be your Vacation Valet: to translate that dream vacation into a reality, to turn the planning of the family gathering into a pleasantly memorable event, or to coordinate, manage, plan and execute that uniquely special time into a lifetime memory without breaking the piggy bank.

To reclaim your time, to maintain your finances, to renew your energy and to eliminate the rigors of planning tours and travel, rely on Ulmer's Place. Ulmer's Place (a boutique travel agency ) is your Gateway to Travel for planning vacation packages unique to each client's dream.


    -You have to come here. This place is awesome. We haven't even had our spa treatment yet! - PG

    - I just didn't get a chance to send this from Florida (too busy "driving around using my new GPS! ) Thanks for the suggestion (best advice ever for people like me who always get lost! - Warmly, J.

    -I've been meaning to email/call you about our Disney Cruise. We had an amazing, restful and fun time as a family!! Thank you so much for all of your insight and help with planning. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! - M.S. and Family

    -I must give a shout-out to Jacqueline Ulmer of Ulmer's Place in Rochester for her help in securing a great rental car for our Florida vacation. Please remember to use Women TIES members for your purchases big or small, personal or business related. We have a couple great travel agents involved with us and Jackie is one of them! www.ulmersplace.com. Visit our directory at www.womenties.com/members.cfm.

    -Ulmer's Place encourages our Clients to get away, get OFF your treadmill so you can return renewed, refreshed and reinvigorated!!! I'm taking my OWN advice - just returned from the. Oak Ridge Boys Concert - WONDERFUL for sure!!!!!

    - Booking travel is quick and easy with a phone call to Ulmer’s Place. The expertise for researching flights saves me time and hassle - Ron M.

    -You made my first cruise a reality. I am definitely impressed that you were able to organize my trip even though we are thousands of miles apart. Great holiday for me! Thank you.
    - Oyinkan

    -The Trip was EXCELLENT

    - - Jackie was very patient no matter how many times she had to resend

    - Jackie is a hidden treasure!  We had idea’s of what we wanted to do in NYC. She organized is so it would flow and also made suggestions that we enjoyed. Can’t wait to use her on our
       next trip….. 

    - Aruba went well. We were happy with the accommodations. The fishing trip was great. Thanks for all your help.

   - I wanted to spend a little time giving you some feed back on how much my wife and I appreciate/appreciated all the services you provided my family for an upcoming vacation. More specifically, you undoubtedly made a potentially           stressful situation easy and smooth for us. I am referring to the unexpected situation where we booked airline tickets through your travel agency and thought everything was set when two months from the original booking the               airlines changed our departing flight back home from Aruba. They made our original departure flight unable to connect with our final flight home. All I did was send that flight change notice to you and asked you to please work with           two criteria of ours (your customer). One being with any revised change we did not want to pay any additional money, and the second request was we did not want to leave Aruba any earlier than what was set in our original departure     date. What seemed to be two reasonable requests really put you and your agency to the test. I know this because of the communication you were providing me. I received texts and or e-mails up until 1:30am in the morning from you      dealing with the airlines for over ten hours by my calculations, and then into the next day. You finally resolved that next day afternoon, where both of our requests were met and some could say exceeded based on the revised flight          home. Again I am hoping my short paragraph illustrates how your extra efforts have really satisfied us as customers

   we will not hesitate to use your services again and recommend you to others

From: M.D.